Training Courses and Pricing

All of our training workshops are instructor led and can be customized to include any information specific to your company. Workshops are interactive to engage the attendees. 

Workshops are three hours: half day (9-Noon) and whole day (9-4pm with 1 hour break) and multiple days with same three hour blocks.

The following is a sample of training course topics. We can develop courses specific to your requirements.

Soft Skills and Customer Service/Experience Skills

Leadership Skills

  • 10 Soft Skills You Need
  • Body Language /Appearance
  • Business Ethics
  • Business/Dining Etiquette
  • Customer Service/Experience
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Conflict Resolution
  • Developing Corporate Behavior
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Social Awareness/ Intelligence
  • Social Learning
  • Taking Initiative
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Being A Like-able Boss
  • Coaching And Mentoring
  • Developing New Managers
  • Delivering Constructive Criticism
  • Employee Recruitment
  • Employee Recognition
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Middle Manager
  • Office Politics For Managers
  • Self-Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Supervising Others
  • Team Building For Managers
  • Teamwork And Team Building
  • Workplace Harassment

Onsite Pricing

  • On-site training is for a private group at your location
  • Courses are priced per group, not per person.
  • Courses can be customized at an additional rate dependent on your requirements
  • Facilities or catering services are additional
  • Travel and accommodations, if required, are additional and priced per case dependent on travel requirements and number of days.
Number of ParticipantsHalf Day Session*Full Day Session
1 – 6$1500$2500
7 – 12$1900$2900
13 – 18$2300$3300
19 – 24$3700$4700

*Two of the same half-day workshops are available for two different groups at the full day rate. Different workshops require different prep and materials.

Courses are designed for a specific outcome and cannot be shortened, though, we can design custom courses for you.

The fees shown are for course delivery and do not provide course or material ownership. Materials are copyright protected. Without prior permission and licensing, it is copyright infringement to use our materials to train others.

Payment terms

All courses must be paid in full in advance based on the number of participants you expect. If the number of participants increases when we arrive for the session, a check, payment will be required for the balance before the course begins or additional participants will be asked to leave.

For on-site training, you must provide a conference room with : 

  1. Table space, desk or podium for instructor
  2. Enough space to comfortably  accommodate all participants
  3. Table and seating configurations that allow for team interaction.
  4. Internet Access
  5. Digital Projection or large Flat Screen TV large enough for all attendees to see
  6. A means to connect to Digital Projection or large Flat Screen TV (Chromecast, cabling, etc)
  7. Large whiteboard (or Flip-chart paper with easel)

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