Service already great? Then improve their happiness.

Customer Experience (CX) is often mistaken as customer service. The easiest way to explain the difference is: Customer Service creates a Customer Experience.

  • Customer Service is the human, digital and physical interactions pre-through-post-sale. How easy was the sale? How quickly did you help the customer?
  • Customer Experience is the emotions triggered by those interactions and every other “touch-point” with your company. Loyalty, trust, caring are examples of emotions.

A touch-point is every point-of-contact the customer makes with your company and industry and begins with their moment of need for your service. This is followed by the moment the customer becomes aware of your company. An ad, online review or referral from a friend could be positive or negative. That triggers an emotion. Other examples of touch-points: Your phone system, parking, payment methods and certainly every person in your company even if they are not customer facing. The janitor isn’t customer facing but the interaction with a dirty bathroom creates a poor customer experience.

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Be the Chief Hug Officer and Hug Your Customers


Have you ever seen an angry customer who becomes even angrier because they’re not getting what they want? It’s an emotional storm, a tornado that pulls everyone into its funnel, including  any customers who are watching.

Those watching feel awkward and just want to leave … not a good thing for your business or an exceptional customer experience . The angry customer may have started out rational but has lost control of their emotions and more often than not, it is company policies that turn them and the situation into this nightmare. Continue reading “Be the Chief Hug Officer and Hug Your Customers”

10 Vital Customer Experience Statistics That Will Blow You Away

There is nearly infinite data supporting the role customer service plays in the success of your company. Google it and you’ll be overwhelmed. From time to time (or when I have writer’s block 🙂 ) I will compile and post stats that I believe you’ll find insightful if not eye-opening. They are from creditable sources with links so read and believe.


  1. By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. – Walker, “Customers 2020: The Future of B-to-B Customer Experience”
  2. 71 percent of consumers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service. – Forrester Research, “Understand Communication Channel Needs to Craft Your Customer Service Strategy”
  3. 62 percent of global consumers switched service providers due to poor customer service experiences in 2013. – Accenture, “Global Consumer Pulse Survey”
  4. 68 percent of businesses increased customer service spending in 2014. – Call Center IQ, “2014 Call Center Executive Priorities Report”
  5. Customer service costs Americans as much as $108 billion each year. – ClickSoftware/Harris Poll survey, 2014
  6. 71 percent of consumers have ended their relationship with a company due to poor customer service. – KISSmetrics
  7. Consumers are twice as likely to share their bad customer service experiences as they are to talk about positive experiences. – American Express, “2012 Global Customer Service Barometer”
  8. 62 percent of organizations view customer experience provided through contact centers as a competitive differentiator. – Deloitte, “2013 Global Contact Center Survey”
  9. 39 percent of consumers avoid a vendor for two or more years after a negative customer experience. – Zendesk, “The Impact of Customer Service on Customer Lifetime Value”
  10. Acquiring a new customer is six times more costly than retaining an existing one. – Merchant Warehouse

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