Why “I’m Sorry” are two of the Most Powerful Words for a Customer Experience

I suspect that no matter who you are, if someone has wronged you, the first two words  you want to hear are “I’m sorry.” But for some people, “I’m sorry” are the two hardest words to say especially in today’s world of business and customer service.

In personal relationships, there are complex psychological reasons why it’s hard to say I’m sorry so this article focuses on the business customer experience.

Learning how, why and when to say “I’m sorry” will almost guarantee defusing a bad situation and allow you to take control of it. You can also apply this to not-so-critical situations and win hearts. Continue reading “Why “I’m Sorry” are two of the Most Powerful Words for a Customer Experience”

Affirmations for a Winning Customer Experience Attitude

If you are in a front line customer service role,  success, surviving requires cultivating a strong mental attitude. So, how do you adopt a winning attitude of experience excellence that helps your career success and in your life?

Positive affirmations are at the core of countless motivational books but to many people they seem like nonsense.  So why are so many books dedicated to promising so much by doing something so simple. They seem hokey, right? But again …  Why do so many profess to the power of positive affirmations?

The theory is really quite simple: You ARE what you think.

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