Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping

Your customers are likely to vary widely in so many ways: age, ethnic background, sex, education, familiarity or level of expertise with your service or product, etc.

The one thing your customers have in common is they are people … people with emotions who need to get a job done. Think of them as “hiring” your company to get that job done, whether its eating a great meal or buying a house. 

Journey Mapping is a critical step to a delivering a great Customer Experience and can take as little as a few hours to begin. At each stage of their “journey” of doing business with you, they will interact with “touch points” of your company. Their Journey begins why they need you and how they first learned about you. 

  • Parking is a touch point
  • Your phone system is a touch point
  • Music in your store is a touch point
  • Your website is a touch point
  • Every person in your entire company, not just customer facing, is a touch point
  • EVERYTHING … every aspect of your business that your customer comes in contact with is a touch point and causes an emotional reaction either positive, neutral or negative.

Creating a Journey Map teaches everyone in your organization who your customer is and how important their role is in affecting the customer experience.

Its the first step toward building a Customer Experience focused culture.

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