Service already great? Then improve their happiness.

Customer Experience (CX) is often mistaken as customer service. The easiest way to explain the difference is: Customer Service creates a Customer Experience.

  • Customer Service is the human, digital and physical interactions pre-through-post-sale. How easy was the sale? How quickly did you help the customer?
  • Customer Experience is the emotions triggered by those interactions and every other “touch-point” with your company. Loyalty, trust, caring are examples of emotions.

A touch-point is every point-of-contact the customer makes with your company and industry and begins with their moment of need for your service. This is followed by the moment the customer becomes aware of your company. An ad, online review or referral from a friend could be positive or negative. That triggers an emotion. Other examples of touch-points: Your phone system, parking, payment methods and certainly every person in your company even if they are not customer facing. The janitor isn’t customer facing but the interaction with a dirty bathroom creates a poor customer experience.

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10 Game Changing Survey Questions

Image result for image leaving money on the tableIf you have your customer’s contact information, you are leaving lots of money on the table if you’re not proactively speaking to your customers within 24 hours of their service/sale or periodically if you provide contractual, ongoing services, (even without a contract) such as fitness clubs, Realtors,  professional services such as accounting or IT Consulting.

Talking to your customers shows that you care about more than just  taking their money. Talking to them demonstrates you’re not indifferent and helps improve their experience by better understanding their emotions and needs. More importantly they become “engaged” retained customers, meaning they actively tell friends how awesome you are … and that brings referrals! Customer acquisition and retention with one stroke!

Here are 10 questions to ask every one of your customers.

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