Be the Chief Hug Officer and Hug Your Customers


Have you ever seen an angry customer who becomes even angrier because they’re not getting what they want? It’s an emotional storm, a tornado that pulls everyone into its funnel, including  any customers who are watching.

Those watching feel awkward and just want to leave … not a good thing for your business or an exceptional customer experience . The angry customer may have started out rational but has lost control of their emotions and more often than not, it is company policies that turn them and the situation into this nightmare. Continue reading “Be the Chief Hug Officer and Hug Your Customers”

Customer Experience Begins or Ends with Leadership

Still, to this day, Dale Carnegie has said it best, “People do not leave companies. They leave bad managers!”

It is proven painfully true that bad managers cause low productivity, high employee turnaround, and poor customer experience, all costing companies billions.

Successful companies recognize that a great customer experience begins with a great employee experience. Being customer centric is built on being employee centric. It is impossible to have deliver an exceptional customer experience unless the people taking care of your customers are happy. Continue reading “Customer Experience Begins or Ends with Leadership”