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I had Central AC installed in my home and I have to rave about how cool the customer experience was. (Yeah, I know. Lame joke)

But seriously, Cotti-Johnson HVAC has an amazing staff, or at least, the people I came in contact with were amazing.

Mel, the lovely woman with a friendly voice on the other end of the phone was so pleasant to work with whether on the phone on through email. Very responsive with all the right answers.

Too few companies realize the impact of who answers the phone and how they do it.  This is often one of the first impressions of the “customer journey” with your company. That’s a huge responsibility because you can make or lose a customer at that irreversible moment. You know the cliche, “No second chance to make a first impression.” Whoever answers the phone, must smile, be cheerful and  clearly speak the language even if they’re only transferring the customer to another party.

The big customer experience win, however, was the installation. Brian, the lead installer, was not only extremely knowledgeable with more the 20 years of HVAC experience, his willingness to satisfy the customer, me, was unparalleled regardless of industry and extremely uncommon for contractors. I am former contractor.

Keep in mind, customers now compare their experiences against all companies that they do business with, not just your competition.

Before the installation, Brian and his manager, Gary (also great) came to my house to spec out the job for the lengths and types of ducts they would need. Brian spouted off part numbers and lengths like an auctioneer. Very impressive.

The first day of the installation, Steve, one of Brian’s crew, arrived with all the ducting and parts. You couldn’t knock the smile off this guy’s face if you tried. He just seemed so happy to be working. He greeted me cheerfully and professionally and proceeded to the prep the work site for the installation.

Brian and Steve arrived the next day to tackle the installation. There was another tech and I’m sorry I don’t remember his name but he was nice, too.

My wife and I planned to build rooms and finish the attic so Brian bent over backwards to make sure the ducting ran along the walls as I discussed with the sales rep, Peter.  Peter was good but could use some improvement in replying more promptly to calls and emails.

Brian gave me his card when the installation was complete and I believed him when he said “call me first if there is any problem.”

Now, what came next was the true test of walking-the-talk of delivering a great customer experience.

A few weeks after the installation, I noticed that the AC condensation was not draining into the gutter outside. It drained behind the gutter between the fascia board. Not a huge problem but needed attention.

I texted Brian and he called me back in about 30 seconds.

He then spoke with Mel who then called me. Steve was out within a few hours (smiling and even after coming down from the 110 degree attic) and took care of it in about three minutes.

For, professionalism, responsiveness, respect, and high quality, Cotti-Johnson gets my 5 Star Award. I even referred my next door neighbor, who then also bought a system! I couldn’t tell them enough good things about my experience because I am now an “engaged customer.”

To the owners of Cotti-Johnson, you have at least three superior customer service team members with high Employee Engagement. To all business owners and managers: Take good care of good people to keep them engaged so they continue to take good care of your company.

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Gerry Criscenzo, founder of Advanced Service Knowledge is passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience.  He has over 30 years experience managing customer facing teams in very demanding customer service  industries such as automotive services, IT Services and Home Remodeling/Contractor Services. Gerry is available for consulting, keynote speaking and training.  Read more

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