Affirmations for a Winning Customer Experience Attitude

If you are in a front line customer service role,  success, surviving requires cultivating a strong mental attitude. So, how do you adopt a winning attitude of experience excellence that helps your career success and in your life?

Positive affirmations are at the core of countless motivational books but to many people they seem like nonsense.  So why are so many books dedicated to promising so much by doing something so simple. They seem hokey, right? But again …  Why do so many profess to the power of positive affirmations?

The theory is really quite simple: You ARE what you think.

Many authors have put their own twist or perspective on this theory but that’s essentially what Positive Affirmations are all about. If you think and repeat phrases often enough, you gain awareness and will begin to catch yourself thinking thoughts or performing acts that truly sabotage you both personally and professionally. This is the power of awareness;  catching yourself thinking negative thoughts and performing negative actions. Once you become aware, you now have a choice; continue doing what is working against you or change to what will help you succeed.

How does this work? It’s really going to seem more silly than simple. Every day, before or on your way to work and then again at lunch or a break, recite the ten phrases below out loud and with conviction. Yes, out loud and that is key. There are only ten so after a week or so you will have them memorized, which is another key. They become a part of you.

That’s it. Very simple.

The hardest part is being honest with yourself when you catch yourself doing or thinking something negative. It’s simple but not easy, however, I can almost promise that you will laugh when you catch yourself in the awareness. And you’ll laugh even harder when you tell yourself “this will take some time.”  And it will, so be patient. You didn’t become the person you are overnight so you won’t change overnight.

So seriously, what have you got to lose by reciting some words every day? You’ll feel silly for the first few days but you’ll quickly get past that.  Besides, if feeling silly for one minute for a few days is the worst of it, then why wouldn’t you try it? Really.

I have written these ten success oriented affirmations.  You can edit  these or even write your own but these will get you started. Now, remember, recite them out loud.

  1. My entire company is my team and I play to win
  2. I respect and help every co-worker so that they can help the team succeed
  3. My customers are the precious fuel that powers the engine of my success
  4. I will do no harm to any colleague or customer
  5. I will only speak and think kindly of my colleagues and of my customers
  6. My efforts help my team make more money so that I can make more money and do more good in my life
  7. My voice and ideas are heard, respected and valued
  8. My success at work contributes to my growth, happiness and finances
  9. I learn from my colleagues and I will grow more today and everyday
  10. I value and take pride in how I contribute to my team’s success

Copy and paste these into whatever app you use on your phone. Print them out if you have to and place them somewhere but remember:

  1. Recite them every day (or your own that work for you)
  2. Out loud with conviction
  3. Before or on your way to work
  4. Again at lunch

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying this. Yes, I guarantee you will feel silly for the first few times. I did. But that passes quickly as you start to believe your positive words. I also guarantee that your attitude will greatly improve which will help you gain more success in almost every area of your life.

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About the Author

Gerry Criscenzo, founder of Advanced Service Knowledge is passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience.  He has over 30 years experience managing customer facing teams in very demanding customer service  industries such as automotive services, IT Services and Home Remodeling/Contractor Services. Gerry is available for consulting, keynote speaking and training.  Read more

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