Are You Ready for Next Level Success?

Gerry Criscenzo, Founder & Senior Instructor

Personal engineering, soft skills, drive personal success, career success, & the bottom line!

Studies by Harvard Business Review,  American Express, and other prominent business organizations, cite: 

  1. Promotions and career advancement are a result of advanced soft skills.
  2. Thriving company cultures are a result of advanced soft  skills.
  3. A competitive edge over competitors is a result of advanced soft skills.

    Investing in soft skills is singularly the highest return-on-investment over any other kind of training. 

“At the core of personal engineering is putting service above self. I believe being of service  to others yields the most rewarding and satisfying life and take a holistic approach in our workshops to teach awareness and empathy above all.  Change can only begin after there is awareness. ” 

– Gerry Criscenzo, Founder

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