Why Focus on Customer Happiness?

  1. Loyal, happy customers are worth up to 10x as much as the value of their 1st purchase
  2. The likelihood of converting an existing happy customer into a repeat customer is 60-70%
  3. Increasing happiness and customer retention by 5% could increase profits 25-95%
  4. It costs 7x less to retain happy customers than acquire new ones
  5. 50-60% of your customers are “passive.” Convert 5% to happy promoters raises profits 75%. 
  6. More Supporting Proof 

Gerry Criscenzo, President, Founder, Advanced Service Knowledge

I’m Gerry Criscenzo, YOUR Customer Care Manager

I am passionate about delivering an amazing Customer Experience and can help your company increase referrals and profits using Net Promoter Scores and “Voice-of-the-Customer” strategy.  


I love what I do and am passionate about helping companies grow through customer driven growth. I can help you find the data you need to transform “Passive” customers into Promoters. I am so sure I can help you that I offer a No Risk Money Back Guarantee. Let’s start with a conversation to chat about how I can help you. I’ll buy the coffee. Send me a quick note at gerry@askcxp.com or call me at 617-275-2276.